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Case Study Solution Imperatively, the Case Solution is second largest valuable and renowned Case Study Help company that has been founded in Norway, and is based in Miami, Florida, US. The ultimate mission of the company is customer centric, in which it always strives to deliver the best vacation experience and high level of service its guest or clients. The company has been engaged in the capital expansion program. The main drivers of the company include better management of the business and increasing the access to data.

In addition to this, the threefold business strategy of the company consists of:
1. Revenue growth.
2. Reducing cost.
3. Design better Case Study Help experience.

Furthermore, a five year IT strategy has been developed by Tom, in order to support the business strategy. It comprise of establishing the full redundant system at two data centers, focusing on flexible and innovative customer focused system and driving cost via consolidating Celebrity and Case Study Solution system, and centralizing services as well. Case Study Solution He has contemplated to serve the business by providing the right tools to reduce the cost, improve the guest experience, build the revenue and leverage IT as the competitive edge of the Case Study Solution.

Problem Statement

The company has contemplated to remain the market leader and grow with the passage of time, in the highly competitive market arena. Tom Murphy, the CIO of Case Solution has been confronted with the problem of assuring the optimum alignment of the information technology (IT) spending with the business strategy, in order to implement controls and revamp the process.

The company has seven incompatible, unsuited and glitch-prone reservation systems that has have been handling 45000 calls per day in an ineffective manner. In addition to this, due to the fact that the seven incompatible reservation systems have not been handling the phone calls in right way, the marketing spend of the company has gone to waste. It is significantly important for the company to develop the seamless customer booking process, and a suite of marketing options as well as the revenue optimization tool to maximize yields.

Since, the company has various strengths in terms of strong market position, high customer rating and strong brand recognition, it is vital for the company to allocate the funds or investment to get exposure to infrastructure. Also, a reliable contact with the guests or clients would ensure the retaining of current clients as well as the guests, and would attract new clients.

On the other hand, another problem is the high staff turnover rate, also the shore side employees consist of only 3000 people, and 90% of the employees were not aboard. It is important for the company to increase the number of employees, providing them training and upgrading them through automate and efficient Human resource management.

SWOT Analysis

Case Study HelpThe SWOT analysis of Case Study Solution would allow the company to identify its strengths, weaknesses external threats and opportunities. The framework is as follows:


One of the significant strengths of the company is its strong position in the market, which is due to the fact that it put major emphasis on exceeding the expectations of the customers. It is the valuable second largest operator of Case Study Help ships all around the globe, which is measured by the market capitalization and capacity. Not only this, the company has 29 Case Study Help ships. The strong market position provides competitive edge to the company over its competitors.

Another major strength of the company is strong brand recognition due to the fact that it owns valuable and strong brands, and it has immensely cultivated a positive reputation among its stakeholders. Pestel Analysis Case Study The customer satisfaction is high, with major proportion of the customers served being satisfied with the friendly greeting services. Referring to the exhibit 1, it is analyzed that the company has consistent total sales from year 1998 to 2002, which shows that the company had been efficiently managing the business operations. Another strengths of the company include qualified designers, machinist and executives, advanced technology as well as the energy efficient system of Case Study Helps.


One of the major weakness of the company is that it has been primarily viewed as a luxury vacation. The fuel cost of the company is largely dependent on the market price. The uncertainty in the price of fuel is one of an inevitable expenditure for the Case Study Help organizations which in turn makes it challenging to run the business operations in an efficient manner. Even though, the company has strategically implemented the fuel hedges for the purpose of reducing the volatility, but pass hedges have negatively influenced as a result of the unexpected movement. As such, the company must be able to reposition its fuel hedges in the low price of fuel to operate with significantly low cost of fuel.

Another weakness of the company is its inefficient allocation of IT spending, and an inefficient employee management. Not only this, the company has seven reservation systems that have not been handling 45000 calls per day in an effective manner. Also, due to the fact that the seven incompatible reservation system have not been handling the phone calls in right way, the marketing expenditure or investment of the company has gone to waste.


Case Study AnalysisThe company has significant market opportunity to expand the business operations. Since, in Asia, the cruising is high growth industry. The expansion strategies in Latin America and Asia would enable the company to target and access the untapped market. China also presents a great opportunity for the company, since middle economic class in China comprise more people as compared to the entire United States.

In addition to this, the company has an opportunity to remain the market leader and beat the market competition by efficiently allocating the IT spending on the reservation system and the employee management, such as on their training sessions and supply chain management. This in turn would allow the company to yield profit returns, seize market share and strengthen the market position as well.


It is imperative to note that the company has been threatened by the state of the global economy, slow growth in Asia and economic weakness in Europe, which might influence the growth projections. Case Study Analysis The exchange rate fluctuation is another threat that can posit negative effect on the profit returns of the company. The decline in the value of euro would most likely lower the demand in the US dollars for the European segment. The large cost is the fuel for the Case Study Help ships’ operations and the cost of fuel would likely increase in the forthcoming years, regardless of hedging.

Another threat of the company is the fierce competition in the market that hinders the exceptional performance of the company in the market. The natural disaster and weather might also negatively affect the Case Study Help ships when they get to the middle of the ocean. The decrease in demand as well as in the brand damage from these unfavorable events would reduce the ability of the company to meet its debt payments. Also, there is a likelihood that the company would face lawsuit and legal proceedings from those customers who had an unsatisfied and unpleasant experience, and potentially from crewmembers who had also been unsatisfied with the working conditions. The negative or unfavorable publicity might last adverse impact on the mind of customers, hence affecting the future consideration of Case Study Helps.
SWOT Analysis