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Case Study HelpThe report consists of an analysis of the various elements of the product packaging system provided in the electronic industry, the cost related to the product packaging system and the ecological impacts of the product packaging system. It also explains several actions pictured by the electronic companies to minimize their ecological footprints and to attain potential cost savings from their packaging. Along with it, the report describes the general background of the study and research carried out and discuss a number of major concerns dealt with by the companies in the electronic industry in terms of packaging expense, implementation of new product packaging system and so on.

Assessment of the Supply Chain Style

In order to reduce the external market pressure, the companies in electronic market is attempting to now enhance worldwide supply chain management and outsource their production procedure. Along with it, some of the companies are going through a change of their time to manage the ecological impact which can extremely affect their regular production practices. Due to the fast technological modification and enhancement in the production methods, Elie Ofek Case Study Solution business discovered it hard to get items associated environmental improvements.

In this concerns, companies are moving their concentrate on developing environmental techniques which could decrease the overall ecological concern on the general costs from the item's life process through examining various service elements.

The product packaging practices and the associated supply chain practices with the electronic products in the electronic industry are done through the use of single bundles through airfreight, which results in large quantity of wastes and put an unfavorable effect on the environment. There are specific chances for the business in the electronic market for the betterment of the environment through the decrease of their total ecological problem. Additionally, business in the electronic industry are dosing efforts to present reusable product packaging products for the purpose of product packaging of their products in order to ship those items internationally in order to lower their environmental footprint.

The electronic industry is moving towards the ecological improvement procedures. In this regards, a number of questioners are being sent out to the organizations in order to analyze the areas for enhancement.

Decrease in product packaging product would conserve potential packaging related expenses faced by the business. Packaging problem might be lowered by creating multiple-use packaging, take-back methods or by reverse logistics system.

Study Background

Ecological effects in the big targeted area are identified by the by the usage of job that was not in the competencies of the shareholders. Numerous researchers identified that the cost associated to the programs that are carried out to recognize particular environmental elements are more than the expenses that are conserved by utilizing the recyclable materials in the item packaging.

The companies in the electronic market selected the item life process assessment approach to deal with these concerns. Under this approach a procedure would be created from the extraction of raw material to its disposition. A figure specifying the process of product life cycle given up the case is given up.

The primary focus of the Elie Ofek Case Study Help companies in the electronic industry regarding their product packaging system is towards the safe shipment of their products with no kind of damage and disability costs. To accomplish this goal, the products are sent to the cardboard product packaging department after the complete evaluation from the engineering department. The cardboard product packaging materials are considered to be long-term and are able to be reused.

As known that in around the world shipping, the items are handled or moved approximately which is why the best product packaging needs the best inner and external of cardboard packaging for the function of preventing any particular shock to the electronic items throughout their worldwide shipment. For this function, the product packaging of electronic items are durable which assists to deliver the items to their ultimate users in great condition. In fact, after the item shipment in shrink enfolded pallets. The logistics or Elie Ofek Case Study Analysis system are used in air transport for the function of providing the items securely to their ultimate users in the recyclable packaging, which is the very best method to decrease the product packaging expense for the electronic companies and to increase the earnings for the general electronic industry.

Furthermore, reduction in the product packaging expense due to efficient usage of material might related to the reduction in the per system price for the final customer. In general, most of the consumers choose items with green packaging-having recyclable qualities which could benefit consumers in 2 methods i.e. reducing the wastage and the low final costs.

Major Issues

One of the major issues as gone over in the case is the ecological effects brought on by the wastes from the packaging of electronic items. All the business in the electronic industry have issues over reduction of item packaging expenses and the ecological effects by the use of recyclable packaging products. The business have mentioned a number of visions including the packaging of more products in one cardboard i.e. 20 hard drives in one box. Moreover, the packed products would consist of four cardboard boxes along with 1 propylene foam tray and a lid. These propylene tray and cover are recyclable and might be reclaimed from the OEMs.

Moreover, as specified above, although, cardboard boxes might be reused in lots of methods, but there are a variety of low quality labels on these cardboard boxes. This lead to increase in the consumer dissatisfaction and different other service related concerns.

The redesigning of the Elie Ofek Case Study Analysis product packaging by using the reusable product packaging materials and bulk product packaging have resulted in the lighter weight of new product packaging as compared to the old one, along with the decrease in physical area of products due to their new product packaging in contrast to their old one. Through this, the shipping charges that have actually been sustained to the end users of the electronic items have actually decreased, which is the big advantage for the electronic business to pack their products and securely deliver them to their end users.

This brand-new style of product packaging materials is also useful to minimize the variety of packaging components, which are formerly utilized as thirteen 13 parts, and are now shrunk into five 5 elements. These five 5 elements are multiple-use and can consume to ten 10 hold up against usages. This ten 10 times use of cardboard boxes product packaging has been checked in in-house screening department to control the uncertainty in ecological forces.

In order to manage the reverse logistics or Elie Ofek Case Study Solution system, the companies have actually taken bids from the third parties, while there are a number of business that are qualified in the reverse logistics, and are utilizing it in their everyday organisation operations, because it is the most efficient method to use in item packaging. In conclusion of it, the electronic business have reached to their per box purchase cost after putting the bids to the vendors to buy the recyclable materials for products product packaging, which enhanced has actually been converted into legal acquiring of product packaging products for management departments.

The business understood that even after acquiring the brand-new product element in order to make product packaging recyclable and attain cost performance, there were no significant change in the cost of product packaging with old methods and the brand-new component. Furthermore, the business appear no cost savings in recycling the product packaging product.

After evaluating the Table 2 in the provided case, which shows the data connected to the rates of new packaging products, it might be seen that a delivery comprising of bulk quantity of 20 hard disk drives would cost the companies $20 approximately with an airfreight delivery charges of around $60 and Elie Ofek Case Study Analysis expense of $13 including the transportation, storage, trucking and warehousing.

Along with it, from the Table 3 in the provided case, which reveals a contrast of old and new product packaging costs, it could be seen that the brand-new product packaging expense are about 40% less than the old packaging costs. The big distinction between the product packaging costs are because of the 80% decrease in the product packaging material and the 20% decrease in the logistics and dealing with costs.

Along with the problems connected to packaging expenses, there are specific issues related to the implementation of brand-new product packaging system related to Elie Ofek Case Study Solutions. The concerns consist of the sale sand the marketing of the products with brand-new packaging system in order to bring in a great deal of customers with a function to increase total sales revenue and accomplish high profit margins for the overall electronic industry.

Furthermore, the incorporation of the brand-new packaging system is based upon two different approaches connected to sales and marketing. The first technique is related to the cost saving from making use of recyclable product which is useful for both i.e. the business and the consumers as the business might attain expense performance and the consumers could get the items at low rates. Another method is related to the achievement of ecological goals with the decrease in the overall ecological problem through the use of recyclable product packaging materials. The intro of new packaging system would make it possible for the business in the electronic market to decrease the expenses connected to damages and disability of Elie Ofek Case Study Analysis products.

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